The main goal was to extend this centennial house, inserting a new roof top floor and redefining its internal program – it’ll work as a tourism unit that could be adapted to housing at any moment.

The first step was the removal of the existing roof. Then we realized that the existing stone walls were in perfect shape (something very common in the XIX century houses of Porto downtown). Thus, we took advantage of this situation in order to build the structure of the new floor as cheap as possible, lodging it directly with the pre-existing stone walls, without any additional structural elements.

This solution was possible due to the lightness of the new extension, composed mainly of thin pre-cast elements and open-space areas, reducing the material weight and the punctual vertical pressure.



CLIENT: Private comission
YEAR: 2015
STATUS: built
SIZE: 346sqm
TYPE: guest house
LOCATION: Porto, Portugal
PROJECT LEADER: Samuel Gonçalves
PROJECT TEAM: Maria João Freitas