Social Student Residences

for Polytechnic Institute of Porto

This project for social residences was commissioned by the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, to host low-income students when displaced from their hometown. Some previous requests led the design process of this building: it should be expandable over time (from ten to twenty rooms), according to future needs, and allow flexible occupation of the common areas.

The cost-control of the building played an important role from the beginning. Therefore, the internal distribution avoids surface waste, and the wall finishes are intentionally rough, accepting the direct appearance of the prefabricated concrete pieces that compose the structural core of the building. In order to eliminate the circulation space, the corridor connecting all the rooms works as a large stripe, which is simultaneously hosting the social program, such as an informal living room or an open kitchen.

social student residences


CLIENT: Polytechnic Institute of Porto
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: ongoing
TYPE: students residences
LOCATION: Felgueiras, Portugal
PROJECT LEADER: Samuel Gonçalves
PROJECT TEAM: Inês Vieira Rodrigues, Luca Sabbadini, Borbála Papp, Giacomo Tacchi