The Gomos System results from a business R&D project and consists of a concrete modular system which presents an accurate and efficient answer to the contemporary need for simplify and accelerate the building processes. It is an evolutionary system, in which each module leaves the factory completely ready, including all interior and exterior finishes, insulations, window frames, water and electricity installation and also fixed furniture pieces. The building assembly on site is done in a few days, just by joining these modules. The building process can be summarized in four phases: structure production, cladding and hardware, transportation and assemblage.

From a technical point of view, there are four key factors that led to the development of this project:

Flexibility – Its design makes this a flexible system, which can be used for different programs besides housing, while allowing further expansion of construction (by the introduction of new “Gomos”) or adaptations to different building sit conditions;

Ease of transportation – The module was optimized in order to facilitate transportation, also ensuring dimensions that comply with all applicable legislation;

Energy Efficiency – The choices made in terms of the inner subdivision – that defines

natural ventilation corridors – and in terms of insulation solutions and lighting, allow obtaining low-energy buildings;

Construction Quality – The production of all components is made in factory environment, under highly controlled conditions, which results in previously tested solutions, avoiding construction problems often observed in traditional building.

In the project development are involved twenty companies from different areas, since prefabrication to technology and industrial automation. The main goal is to take advantage of the know-how of each company in order to enhance every feature of the system. The first unit, built in Arouca, Portugal, demonstrates the essentials of this project: the important thing here is not only the final outcome but mainly the simplification and efficiency of the entire construction process.


CLIENT: C.M. Arouca
YEAR: 2015
STATUS: built
SIZE: 74sqm
TYPE: house
LOCATION: Arouca, Portugal
PROJECT LEADER: Samuel Gonçalves
PROJECT TEAM: Inês Vieira Rodrigues

photos © Tiago Casanova
video © Building Pictures

This project was designed with the GOMOS Building System.