Farrapa Housing

It is composed by 5 separate houses/apartments, combining two different typologies.

For this collective housing building, and within the limitations of the site’s area and the budget that we were given, we had in mind 3 basic requirements:

– to provide each single fraction with exterior private spaces, as wide as possible – which we granted with the covered terraces facing northeast and overlooking the mountain landscape, as well as with the balconies and terraces on the top floor;

– to provide each house with the best possible privacy – by creating an individual access from the public space to each of them, and by raising the implantation level from the public street;

– to create for each house 2 covered private parking spaces, demanded by law.

Using a pre-fabricated concrete building system, we optimize time and price of construction and workforce. It is created a simple structure with bearing, parallel walls on the ground floor, over which it is supported a wide slab, as if it was a tabletop – where there are placed some “boxes” corresponding to the upper floor of the duplex typology houses.

These boxes are composed by rows of concrete, inverted “U” shaped pieces, produced through the standard casts used for the sewer pipe concrete pieces.

Contrasting with a solid, regular, stable and grey base, the upper floor is markedly more abstract, lighter and unattached, composed by some apparently random and loose greenish elements. 


CLIENT: Private
YEAR: 2018
STATUS: ongoing
DIMENSION: 1100 sqm
TYPE: Housing
PROJECT LEADER: Samuel Gonçalves
PROJECT TEAM: Inês Vieira Rodrigues, Giacomo Tacchi