About Us.

SUMMARY is an architectural studio based in the Science and Technology Park of University of Porto.
Seeking the balance between pragmatism and experimentalism, SUMMARY develops building systems assuming the optimization of time and physical resources as the core theme of its practice.



Samuel Gonçalves _ architect| founder

Inês Vieira Rodrigues _ architect | project manager

João Meira _ architect

Luca Sabbadini _ architect | VR programmer


Valentin Lorfevre (ongoing)

Sara Perfetti, Adina Staicu, Borbála Papp, Clémentine Daridon-Le Brun, Giacomo Tacchi, Giulia Mazzoletti, Stelios Polyviou



2017 Red Dot Award – winner

2018 Serralves Itinerant Pavilion – among the 3 selected projects

2018 Yap Maxxi – shortlisted

2018 40 under 40 European Design Award – winner



2016 La Biennale di Venezia – 15th International Architecture Exhibition (Italy)

2017  Red Dot Design Museum of Singapure

2018 Serralves Foundation – Work in Progress (Portugal)

2018 Maxxi National Museum of 21st Century Arts – Yap Maxxi (Italy)

2018 Mirabilia Le Città Invisibili di Italo Calvino Antilia Gallery, Bari (Italy)

2018 NLA Factory-made housing: a solution for London?, NLA galleries, London (UK)

2019 MAM Mês da Arquitetura da Maia Fast Forward, Maia (Portugal)

2018 Curatorial Project: The Reasons Offsite – Tirana Architecture Week, POLIS University – Tirana (Albania)

2019 Curatorial Project: The Reasons Offsite – Boston Society of Architects/AIA – Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

2019 Projeto Curatorial The Reasons Offsite – University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK)


Lectures / Workshops

2017 Building as a Summary Process – Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland)

2017 Prokalo Seminar Series – Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), The University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

2017 Building as a Summary Process – Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw (Poland)

2018 Scaffolding Project – Workshop Leader at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland)